Terms & Conditions

A. Prohibited Uses. Customer may only use the Request Storage for storing Customer's personal property. Customer may NOT:

A. Prohibited Uses. Customer may only use the Request Storage for storing Customer's personal property. Customer may NOT:

- Items must be placed in boxes, totes, luggage or duffle bags. Our servicemen have the right to reject items they feel are not packed properly. Bigger items should be covered and protected. Hard items are not allowed in plastic bags, only bedding and clothing.

- Request Storage offers setup/disassemble services for furniture by request, but if for any reason the serviceman feels the job can't be completed, they have the right to stop the service. In this situation, Request Service will still charge for the time of labor. Request Storage covers up to $100 for furniture & setup service claims.

- Customers are not allowed to have a person use their Request Storage account unless they're signed as an additional user on the contract or confirmed they're adding them via email.

- Use the Request Storage for any illegal purposes.

- Store guns, ammunition, weapons and/or illegal drugs. Marijuana is considered illegal even if it is legal in the state where Request Storage is located.

- Store or abandon hazardous materials, including, without limitation, substances that are toxic, reactive, volatile, flammable, explosive, hazardous, or corrosive, or that are, at any time, regulated by state, Federal or local authorities.

- Store items with an aggregate value of more than $3,000 unless Owner has expressly consented in writing to a higher value. Customer's purchase of insurance from any provider in an amount greater than $3,000 will not be considered Owner's consent to the storage of Contents over above of $3,000.

- Store animals, food or other perishable items.

- Store items that, in Owner's determination, attract vermin, create a nuisance, have a noxious odor or stench, or endanger the safety or health of people or the environment.

B. Storage Access:

- Customers are not allowed access to pick up their property at Request Storage warehouses, (unless authorized) due the liability of Request Storage customer items.

C. Unsecured & Locked items:

- It is the responsibility of Request Storage customers to place locks on their individual items before pick up.

- Owner may have Request Storage place a new lock on any of their possessions that is not secured by a lock, only after a Request Storage lock waiver form has been signed or confirmation via email by the customer. Customers will pay for the costs of the new lock and any other costs incurred by Owner in connection with the new lock.

D. Security:

- Any security systems where Request Storage stores customer items such as fences, gates, or video cameras are for Request Storage's protection only. Customer may not rely on these security systems to protect their contents.

E. Law Enforcement Directives:

- Request Storage cooperates with law enforcement officials in all reasonable respects including, without limitation, allowing law enforcement officials to comply with and enforce search warrants, and providing business records (excluding financial information), video footage, and subpoenaed documents to law enforcement officials.

F. Pricing & Fees:

- Customers will not receive an invoice for the Monthly Rent unless Customers pay a monthly invoice fee in the amount determined by Owner.

- The Agreement does not include all fees, expenses, or charges that Customers may be required to pay under the Agreement, and Owner reserves the right to charge additional fees.

- Owner reserves the right to increase, decrease, supplement, or otherwise modify any fees or charges in the Agreement by either sending advance notice directly to the Customer, or posting advance notice of any such change on this website or in the office.

- The list of fees outlined in this Agreement is not all inclusive and additional fees may apply.

Pricing for all Services shall be quoted by Request Storage representatives. In addition to such Fees, various Additional Charges may apply as described in this section. Request Storage shall charge and the Customer agrees to pay any all of the additional Charges applicable to the Customer. Such Additional Charges are intended to compensate Request Storage for the additional expenses it incurs as a result of the deviation from standard procedures and practices of the Services.

Out of Window Pickup - Pickup outside of the window of potential Pickup Times shall result in a fee.

Out of Window Delivery - Delivery outside of the window of potential Delivery Times shall result in a fee.

Last Minute In Room Addition - There shall be an additional fee for an in room Pickup or Delivery that is requested within one hour of the Pickup or Delivery Time.

Overweight Box - There shall be an additional fee for any box weighing over 50lbs.

Unthawed Fridge - There shall be an additional fee for any refrigerator not completely thawed out before pick up.

Pickup Cancellation/Rescheduling - The Customer shall pay a rescheduling fee if notice is not given at least 48 hours before the Pickup Time.

Distant Delivery - Customer shall pay a fee per mile outside of the pickup & drop-off city radius.

Disposal of Items - If Customer does not wish to have their Items returned, the Customer shall pay a fee for the handling and disposal of the Items.

Promotional Prices - All promotional discounts shall apply only to the Fees required for your selected Services. Discounts shall not apply to any Additional Fees

Outstanding Balance - Accounts with an outstanding balance after seven (6) days from the time customer's bill due date (1st of the month) shall be assessed a 10% late payment fee. An additional %10 fee shall be charged 10 days after the first late payment fee is applied. Once until full payment is received

Stairs or Stairwell - Each flight of stairs per floor is an additional fee. If floors exceed 2 levels or flights additional charges may apply.

G. Temperature: - If a customer doesn't request climate control storage, their item will be stored in a non-climate controlled area of Request Storage's warehouse.

- When Request Storage warehouses are designated as a "temperature controlled", it means that there's reasonable efforts to maintain a temperature in the building where the customers items are located between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature control may be accomplished through any type of system. However, these systems are not guaranteed to protect customer's items. Customer's electronics are stored at their own risk and may not receive a refund for the item if a claim is made, because we can't prove that the cause was due to temperature.

- Store electronics or any mechanical items at your own risk. Since Request Storage does not test items for operational observation a claim must be made prior to a representative leaving the customer's premises during a delivery. The cause of damage to a electronic or mechanical item is at Request Storage's discretion.

H. Accepted Payment Method:

- A Customer's payments may be made on a credit card or debit card. Owner may accept other forms of payment at Owner's sole discretion.

- A customer's payment who is in default may take 3-5 business days before being approved.

- Customers who choose to make a payment over the phone with a new debit/credit card are required to send an email (from email on file) with the cards partial information to confirm identity and authorization.

I. Customer Conduct While on Premises:

- Customers and Employees shall conduct themselves appropriately while at pick up and drop off location.

J. Pick Up Policy:

- Before Request Storage's pickup of a customer's goods, we shall require the customer to select a specific location at a set time and date for the pick-up determined by the Company's scheduling. The customer agrees to be present at the pick-up location at the selected time.
The customer agrees and acknowledges that failure to cancel or reschedule the Pickup within 48 hours of the time scheduled shall result in a fee .
If the Customer is not present for the pick-up, the customer may assign someone else to be present when their possessions are picked-up. In advance of the pick-up, the customer may also permit Request Storage, via email correspondence.
- If a Request Storage representative doesn't feel safe or doesn't have proper access to the location of service for a customer, he/she has the right to cancel the reservation. Fees may may apply for these type of inconveniences.
- Once a Request Storage representative receives or sends confirmation for services from a customer via email, an administration fee is charged to hold the reservation for the date of service and is applied to operational services. The customer agrees that this fee is non-refundable.

K. Delivery:

- Before Request Storage's pickup of a customer's goods, we shall require the customer to select a specific location at a set time and date for the delivery determined by the Company's scheduling. The customer agrees to be present at the drop-off location at the selected time.
The customer agrees and acknowledges that failure to cancel or reschedule the drop-off within 48 hours of the time scheduled shall result in a fee .
- If a Request Storage representative doesn't feel safe or doesn't have proper access to the location of service for a customer, he/she has the right to cancel the reservation. Fees may may apply for these type of inconveniences.
- Once a Request Storage representative receives or sends confirmation for services from a customer via email, an administration fee is charged to hold the reservation for the date of service and is applied to operational services. The customer agrees that this fee is non-refundable.

If the Customer is not present for the Delivery, the customer may assign someone else to receive their possessions and indicate that the Items were delivered in acceptable condition. In advance of the Delivery, the Customer may also permit Request Storage, via email correspondence, to leave the Items in any location specified by the Customer.

If a Customer request that their items be shipped outside Request Storage city of service radius via 3rd party carriers (UPS, Fed Ex, U.S Postal Service) customer shall pay for all Shipment fees. The customer also understands that Request Storage is not responsible for their items once they are in the possession of a 3rd party carrier.


- If delicate items are not labeled "fragile" or are not packed by Request Storage and an item is damaged it may not be covered in a claim.

- The Customer agrees that if packing services are not purchased through Request Storage it is the sole their responsibility to pack properly.
Request Storage offers additional protection for the Items per the Customer's request. Examples of such additional protection include, but are not limited to, moving blankets, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, and garbage bags.


- Deposits are mandatory at least 24 hours before pickup

- For moving services customers are charged from the time the Request Storage truck departs from our warehouse/office or the last location of service. The same rule applies when the truck leaves the location of service.

- Dropoff fee may be the amount of the monthly storage bill if the time storing is less than 4 months.

- The Customers shall pay for the Services via credit card/debit card. Request Storage shall utilize a third-party payment processor, ("Square" or the "Payment Processor") to handle your payment for the Services. You authorize the Payment Processor to bill you for the fees, taxes and other charges (the "Fees") required for the Services you select.

Request Storage representatives accept payments in person in form of credit/debit card. If incorrect credit card information is given or payment processing is inhibited in any way, the Customer shall remain responsible for payment of all Fees to Request Storage until the Customer pays the Fees in full and such Fees are received by Request Storage. Should the Customer fail to pay the remaining balance, Request Storage reserves the right to retain such Customer's Items until full payment is received. The Customer understands and acknowledges that delayed payments may cause the delay of the Delivery as well as the assessment of additional fees (the "Additional Charges") due to rescheduling. The Customer acknowledges that failure to pay any invoice will result in being sent to collections and is responsible for all collection fees. Accounts that are unable to be collected and are not paid within the Storage Period may result in the holding of the Customer's Items as collateral. If payment is not made when due, the Customer's Items may be sold, donated, or otherwise disposed of if the Customer fails to pay the balance due. The Customer acknowledges that the Customer's failure to be present at the Delivery Time and the Customer's subsequent failure to communicate with Request Storage concerning an alternate arrangement for the Delivery shall constitute the abandonment of the Items. Request Storage shall attempt to contact the customer a minimum of four times to collect the outstanding Fees and make arrangements to return the Items to the Customer. If the Customer fails to respond to Request Storage after four attempts, and more than 90 days has passed after the Bill Due Date, Request Storage reserves the right to dispose of the Items as the Company sees fit.



Company Privacy Policy

Request Storage ("Company", "we", or "us") operates the website with the web address or

URL requeststorage.com/ (the "Site" or "Website") and offers services for sale on

the Site (the "Services"). COMPANY is committed to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your

personal information. While your use of the Site is governed by the COMPANY Terms and Conditions

(the "Terms") located at [Terms & Conditions URL], this Privacy Policy describes our practices regarding

the personal information we collect from the users of our Website.


Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice to explain our

online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected

and used.

Our company policy is to respect and protect the privacy of our customers and the users of the Site. We

understand and share your privacy concerns, especially on the internet. Through this Privacy

Policy, we want to reassure you as a user of the Site that we will not sell, share, or rent user information

to others in a manner different than as outlined in this Privacy Policy.


Upon registration, setting up an account with COMPANY, we ask you to provide us with certain

personally identifiable information which may include, but is not limited to, name, mailing address,

physical address, and email address. We use this information to establish individual accounts protected

by passwords that the registered customer selects. We use the email address you provide to confirm

account registration as well as to send notices and updates.

On some pages on the site, you can order Services, make requests, and register to receive materials. The

types of personal information collected on these pages include, but are not limited to, name, mailing

address, email address, phone number, and payment information.

COMPANY may also automatically receive and record information on server logs from your internet

browser. This information includes, but is not limited to, Internet Protocol Address ("IP Address"),

internet browser type, Internet Service Provider ("ISP"), referring/exit pages, operating system,

date/time stamp, and clickstream data. We may use this information to analyze trends, administer the

Site, track users' movements around the Site, gather demographic information about our user base as a

whole, and better tailor our Services to our users' needs.

This information may also include your HTTP cookie information ("cookie"), the pages you request, and

your log in times. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in the user's web

browser while the user is browsing it. Every time a user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie

back to the server to notify the user's previous activity. Cookies were designed to be a reliable

mechanism for websites to remember information (such as items added in the shopping cart in an

online store) or to record the user's browsing activity (including clicking particular buttons, logging in, or

recording which pages were visited in the past). Cookies can also store passwords and form content a

user has previously entered, such as a credit card number or address. Our use of cookie technology is,

thus, to provide you with a more individualized delivery of information and an optimal experience.


Protecting the privacy of the very young is especially important to us. For that reason, we never collect

or maintain information at our website from those we know are under the age of thirteen (13)

years, and no part of our website is structured to attract anyone under the age of thirteen (13) years.


We use the information you provide about yourself when placing an order, only to complete that order

and to manage your account and keep your account current. We may use this information for billing

purposes or to fill orders. We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent

necessary to complete that order.

In general, we use the information we collect to either respond to the requests you make, or to aid us in

serving you better.

We may also use your personal information in the following ways: (i) to facilitate the creation of and

secure your Account on our network; (ii) identify you as a user in our system; (iii) provide improved

administration of our Site and Services; (iv) provide the Services you request; (v) to improve the quality

of experience when you interact with our Site and Services; (vi) send you a welcome email; (vii) send you

administrative email notifications, such as security or support and maintenance advisories; (viii) respond

to your inquiries; and (ix) to send newsletters, surveys, offers and other promotional materials related

to our Services and for other marketing purposes of the Company.

From time to time, we may also use your information to contact you for market research purposes. We

may contact you by email, phone, facsimile, or regular mail. We may use the information to customize

the website according to your interests.

We may also create anonymous data from your personal information by excluding information that

makes the data personally identifiable to you (such as your full name). We use this anonymous data to

analyze request and usage patterns so that we may enhance the content of our Services and improve

Site navigation. We reserve the right to use anonymous data for any purpose and disclose anonymous

data to third-parties in our sole discretion.

We may disclose your information to our third-party service providers: (i) to provide you with the

Services that we offer you through our Site; (ii) to conduct quality assurance testing; (iii) to facilitate the

creation of accounts; (iv) to provide technical support; (v) and/or provide other services to the

Company. These third-party service providers are required not to use your personal information other

than to provide services requested by the Company.

We may also disclose your personally identifiable information if required to do so by law or in the goodfaith

belief that such action is necessary to: (i) Conform to the edicts of the law or comply with a judicial

proceeding, court order, or legal process served on us; (ii) Protect and defend our rights or property, or;

(iii) In the event of urgent circumstances, act to protect the personal safety of our users, the Site, or the


In the event, COMPANY goes through a business transition, such as a merger, acquisition by another

entity, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, or should ever file for bankruptcy, your personally

identifiable information will likely be among the assets transferred.

We my additionally use the information you provide about someone else (a recipient) when placing an

order only to ship the product and to confirm delivery. We do not share this information with outside

parties except to the extent necessary and reasonable to complete that order.

We use return email addresses to answer the email we receive. Such addresses are not used for any

other purpose and are not shared with outside parties.

You can register with our website if you would like to use our services and receive updates on our

Services. The information you submit on our website will not be used for this purpose unless you fill out

the registration form. We may use the email address you provide to us to confirm order specification,

shipment delivery and to answer, or ask questions associated with completing orders. We may use your

contact information to contact you if we need to address questions in processing an order. We may use

your contact information to occasionally send you information on our services and newsletters and, out

of respect for your privacy, we present the option not to receive these types of communications.

We use the non-identifying and aggregate information to better design our website and to share with

advertisers. For example, we may tell an advertiser that a particular number of individuals visited a

certain section on our website, but we would not disclose anything that could be used to identify those

specific individuals.

Finally, we never use or share personally identifiable information provided to us online in ways

unrelated to the ones described above without also providing you an opportunity to opt-out or

otherwise prohibit such unrelated uses.


We may periodically send you newsletters and emails that directly promote the use of our Site or our

Services. When you receive newsletters or promotional communications from us, you may indicate a

preference to stop receiving further communications from us and you will have the opportunity to "optout"

by clicking on the link at the bottom of any of your emails and following the unsubscribe

instructions provided. If you wish to opt out of future promotional communications from us, you may

also contact us.

Notwithstanding the above, we may send you Services related communications, including notices of any

updates to our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.


To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we

have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure

the information we collect.

Unfortunately, no method of transmission over the internet, or method of electronic storage is

completely secure. While we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect the personal

information that you transmit to us, we cannot guarantee its absolute security and you do so at your

own risk.

COMPANY periodically reviews and updates our security measures to continually provide improved

protection for the registered customer base.

The Site uses a variety of security measures to protect against the loss, misuse, and unauthorized

alteration of personal information our possession and control. However, please be aware that, although

we endeavor to provide security for information in our possession and control, no security system can

prevent against all potential security breaches, and we, therefore, cannot guarantee the absolute

security of your personal information. Personal information which we collect may be transferred to,

stored in, and used in the United States and other jurisdictions, some or all of which may not have

privacy regulations and protections which are as protective as those in your home jurisdiction. If you

have any questions about our security measures, please contact us.


The Site contains links to third-party websites. Please be aware that we have no control over, do not

review, and are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such third-party websites. We

encourage our users to read the privacy policies of each every website they visit. This Privacy Policy

applies solely to information collected by us through the Site.


Users may access, review, update, correct, or delete the personal information in their user account(s) at

any time by editing his or her profile via the website or by contacting us directly. We will use

commercially reasonable efforts to honor user's request.

If you completely delete all of your personal information, then your account may become deactivated,

and you will not be place orders for Services on the website. However, we may retain an archived copy

of your records as required by law or for legitimate business purposes.


COMPANY may modify or update this Privacy Policy from time to time so you should review this page

periodically. Frequently reviewing this Privacy Policy and remaining informed about any changes to it is

your responsibility, so we encourage you to visit this page often. Of course, you can always opt-out by

deleting your account before the changes take effect.


Should you have other questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or if you should know any user(s)

violating this Privacy Policy, please contact our Customer Service Department at


This Privacy Policy was last modified on Dec 21, 2023.