Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I store?

As long as it's legal, non-perishable and meets our size requirements. We are unable to receive items that are perishable, hazardous, illegal, flammable, or corrosive. We can also store: sporting equipment, skiis, golf clubs, snowboards and hockey gear.

Can I visit the storage unit?

Our model was designed around the idea of delivering items to you. We are not set up or staffed to allow for on-site access. Should you require an item, please e-mail or give us a call. Should you require an expedited delivery, please e-mail or call ASAP.

Security of Items and Storage Lockers

Through not in active use, Request Storage is in the process of implementing radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags to identify all items. The tags work like a barcode, but utilize a chip that sends back a unique identification number to the receiver from a handheld scanner. The RFID code can be read up to 25 feet away. Presently, every packed item is photographed and our storage warehouses have a 24-hour surveillance and code access. Our lockers are climate-controlled and insured to help protect your personal items.

Billing and Non-Payment

Your credit card will be charged on the 31st or 1st of each month. An account must be current and payment remitted at the point that a delivery request is made. If you are unable to pay within three months, we have the option, at our discretion, to sell, donate or dispose of the items associated with your account and cancel your contract.

Can I provide my own insurance?

Yes, Request Storage provides insurance for our service options and individual items stored. However, if you can have your own insurance policy. Customers are required to show proof of personal coverage (insurance declaration page).

Is the facility climate-controlled?

Most of our storage facilities are climate controlled, however unless requested, Request Storage has the right to store our customers items in a non-climate controlled storage warehouse.

How long does it take to have my items returned to me?

Standard return (Outside peak season) delivery is 1-3 days. To schedule a return delivery, please give us a call during business hours or contact us through e-mail.

I need to store my stuff today/tomorrow. Can Request Storage help me?

We can't guarantee you same day/next day pickup, but we will do everything possible to help. The fastest way to find out if we can help is to call us as soon as possible. The sooner you tell us about your schedule and needs, the better chance we have of finding a time that works.

If I have to return some, but not all of my items, does my monthly bill decrease?

Yes. The great thing about Request Storage is that you only pay for the space you use. If you reduce the number of items you are storing and have them delivered back to you, we will reduce your monthly rate. However, your rate can increase due to adding items to your storage.

Can I have my bins shipped to another state? country?

Absolutely! Request Storage will ship your boxes to any location in the U.S or overseas. Contact us and we will provide a quote based on standard ground/freight rates.

Can I store less than three months?

Yes, all package prices reflect at least 4 months of storage service. If you store less than 4 month, your delivery fee will reflect your monthly charge.

What if I dont have an elevator in my residence or not on ground level?

Each flight or stairs per floor requires a fee. If floors exceed two levels or flights, additional charges may apply. There could possibly be an extra fee added if the Request Storage don't have access to your location that is convenient.

What are the Request Storage service areas?

- NYC - Manhattan | Brooklyn | Queens | Staten Island | Bronx
- Boston MA & Surrounding Areas
- Providence RI & Surrounding Areas