Meeting the Demand for Storage Since 2016

Request Storage started in Boston, MA and has since expanded throughout the tri-state area

Living in Boston, MA often means living with limited space. As a result, many residents put items in storage until they move or can make use of them. Ebony Owens began providing on-demand storage solutions to residents of Boston in 2016, then opened Request Storage in 2021 to serve residents of New York, NY and Providence, RI, as well.

With four pricing options to choose from, our storage solutions will certainly fit your budget. Call 877-952-2623 now for details.

More than just a storage company

We also provide...

  • Junk removal services, which include the proper disposal of furniture
  • Packing material delivery services, provided by our concierge team
  • Moving services, which include packing and overnight storage
Reach out today to arrange for junk removal, packing material delivery or moving services in Boston, MA.