Do You Need Moving Boxes or Shipping Services?

Get shipping and moving box delivery services in New York City, NY, Boston, MA & Providence, RI Areas

If you're planning a move and need moving supplies, turn to Request Storage. We sell dish boxes, small boxes, medium boxes, large boxes, extra-large boxes, and file boxes.

In addition to delivering basic moving boxes to your home, we can also deliver:

Packing tape, pistol grip tape dispensers and rope
TV covers, flat screen TV kits and mirror boxes
Dish guard protection kits, soft moving blankets and hanger boxes

Also try our concierge shipping services for for boxes, furniture and personal belongings domestic or international.

Trust our team with your packages

Trust our team with your packages

Our shipping services are perfect if:

  • You need an item shipped to your new home before you move
  • You want to send a package to a friend out of state
  • You have an item that needs to be shipped internationally

Questions about our shipping services? Call 877-952-2623 for answers.